Dare To Be Your Best

I can help you get there.

Hi! I’m Shiemicka LaShanne

I help children, teens, and high-achieving women turn their fears into confidence and talents into income. I teach you how to ditch imposter syndrome and take action, so you can exceed your goals and step boldly into the life you deserve.


Shekinah Monee

New York’s Perfect Woman 2019
New York’s Perfect Woman 2012
Owner, Perfect Vision PR
“I started working with Shiemicka over 10 years ago. When I started, I had no idea what a whirlwind it would be. Shiemicka taught me how important it was just to be myself and to be audacious enough to do just that. The skills that Shiemicka has provided me with helped me launch my Public Relations Boutique Agency and have elevated my interview skills.  I can now command any room I walk into without raising my voice. I appreciate all that I have blossomed into under Shiemicka’s mentorship and training. ”


“Shiemicka LaShanne, where do I begin? The inspiration, guidance, love, support, life lessons, and above all, confidence that you have given to my daughter Kaiya is more than I can put into words and the greatest gift you could have ever given her. For that, I am forever grateful. That journey began when she was just 4 years old. I was judging a pageant at the time and had brought her with me. At the end of the day, when it was over, she decided to go on stage, grabbed a microphone, and started to sing. She refused to get off the stage. I had no idea what to do but knew I needed someone to take her under their wings. And there you were like it was meant to be and you said “bring her to me” with no hesitance or questions asked. And that’s all she wrote as they say. From that day forward to this very day, you have always been there and guided her. Now Kaiya is 13 years old and going to high school. She is the most independent, confident, headstrong, loving, respectful child I could ask for. Not only beautiful on the outside but most importantly, on the inside. You have become not only a dear friend but a part of our family. Your life coaching has not only changed her life but allows her to see her true potential and reach for her dreams! I hands down recommend your coaching to anyone!!!”
—Kimberly Jolie Bergeron, Parent

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